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Dormzi Becomes Audo

Dormzi brought me on in April 2021 to be their Lead Copywriter. The company was new, exciting, and needed an experienced hand to help bring their voice and tone into order. 


First order of business was creating a brand bible to shape all written communications, then I helped whip their social media into shape – increasing their social following 400%+. It was just as I started in on revising their website copy that it happened...

Like every startup, we did the thing.

We pivoted.

As part of this new brand initiative, I wrote the company mission statement and its purpose, worked on its name, and wrote our cute little tagline ("Stay forever curious"), too.

And, you know, wrote all the words that appeared anywhere.

Roles: Lead Copywriter, UX Writer

Pre-Launch Hype Page

We needed to create a pre-launch hype page to do a few things:

1) drive email acquisition to onboard beta users;

2) explain our unique position and offering; and,

3) show off our new name, branding, and attitude.

The page was amazing at converting the curious into potential beta users – quite a feat considering that at the time of its launch we had zero finalized UX or product pages to show.

Pre-Launch Social Ads

Catching Gen Z's attention on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is hard, especially when you're talking about something as potentially unsexy as "career development."


That's why we landed on lifestyle imagery paired with "there's-no-time-like-the-present" copy. These ads turned out to be successful beyond our wildest expectations, driving thousands of sign-ups.

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