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Burning Man

In 2011 a friend gifted me a ticket to Burning Man, and once I was there I never looked back. From 2013-2015 I helped produce a Los Angeles-based large-scale structure theme camp. Every year we radically redesigned our offering based on that year's Burning Man theme.


In 2013, to celebrate Cargo Cult, we created ATOMIKA, a bar at the end of the earth built in an ancient and inoperative nuclear bomb.

In 2014, to celebrate Caravansary, we transformed our misshapen pile of scaffolding into a tree house oasis.

And in 2015 we went big to close out my run as one of the camp leads. For Carnival of Mirrors we built the biggest carnival of all: City Hall.


As of 2018, I volunteer for the Burning Organization in a mysterious capacity which you will have to ask me about in person because it's kind of secret and also douchey to mention on my actual portfolio. 

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