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Art Direction

Let's not play games: my illustration skills are super not good. But just because I can't use my sausage-like appendages to make images doesn't mean I can't use my words or sketches to get someone to do it for me. These are some of the side thingies I have either designed or art directed.

Roles: Chief Ideator, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Art Director


Sometimes you throw a party. Sometimes you throw an annual party. Sometimes you throw a crazy annual party that includes shaving off your beard in front of 250 screaming people. And sometimes you need posters to promote those parties.

Good Copy Is Sticky

Let us stand at the edge of the grand canyon, throw our hands to the sky, and scream our primal truth: WE LOVE STICKERS. Two of these I commissioned based on my (bad) drawings; the rest I made myself.

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