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As the years have passed, much of the copy for websites has instead moved to social media or been replaced by videos. But back, in the not-distant past, websites were a place where you could tell a story. Here's some examples of words I strung together for the internet.

Roles: Copywriter

UFC 20 Years

UFC supplied background information on the league’s historic moments and athletes. 

I turned it into punchy copy. 


W3 2014 Gold

Clio Sports


ESPN Fan Hall of Fame

How do you turn a site that takes people who dress up in funny costumes and cheer on teams of underpaid students or overpaid athletes into a respectful institution?


By keeping it classy.


ESPN wanted something robust, mobile centric, and timeless. My job was to explain this conceit on-site, highlight last year’s winners, and provide clear direction for how to use the thing.



W3 2014 Best in Show

Internet Advertising Competition

Creativity International Awards

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