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13 Brands. 1 Copy Team.

ThriveDX’s copy and content team had a morale problem. After a hypergrowth period, the writing team was dramatically culled into a lean content machine. Spirits were low.


That’s when I came in.


My job was to elevate team morale, improve our creative overall, then scale our efforts while incorporating LLMs (aka AI) into our workflow.

In addition to the ThriveDX brand, we had to incorporate brand guidelines for over a dozen university partners brands. You've never seen such discontent over serial commas, y'all.

During all of this, we folded enterprise and product into marketing, so a year after I started, we were doing over three times the amount of work than when I started.

The design team lead, Mor Ohana, and I functioned as de facto creative directors for the company. I authored a creative strategy document and worked with Mor to implement it.


And during all of this, I also took on the role of executive producer of the company podcast, Net Impact.


Click below to see a small sampling of the many varied projects I had the privilege to work on at ThriveDX. Click each project to get a deeper understanding of the work, my contribution, and its impact on the company.

Roles: Copy Lead, Creative Director

A cybersecurity podcast I executive produced.

Net Impact Title Cover.gif

Changing the lives of veterans and their families, one ad at a time.

UCHI GI Bill Gif.gif

Education Partnerships
-Page under construction-

Helping corporations close the cybersecurity skills gap.

thrivedx.com_education-partnership 1.png

What if I told you that in the new year there was also the opportunity for...a new you? <gasp>

WISC_CS_2685_FB_NY_2024_Static_Feed (1).png

Localized Ads

Give the people what they want: sassy ads specifics to their geographic regions.

These ads ultimately performed worse than our generic evergreen ads (i.e. "Become a Cybersecurity Professional in Under a Year") but they were certainly a lot more fun to create.

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